15 min workout: ARMS

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15 min workout: ARMS

Hey guys, I understand we all have very busy lives whether it’s hobbies, school, work and or family. But I still find that it is important to get a good workout in.  So I will be sharing some of my workout plans that only take 15 minutes of your day.  A quick simple way of still taking some time for yourself and caring for your body.  So follow along and I hope you enjoy.

Thanks everyone,

Allison Holker





Love it!! Totally gettin the job done and so efficiently thank you! Been a fan of you since you started on SYTYCD and now we are both mommies. Crazy. Lol. Thanks for inspiring me with your beautiful dancing and your incredible strength as a woman.


Mary B

Oh this is just what I need…

Thank you for your strength vids. You are such an inspiration!!!


Laura Dake

love quick workouts like this! keep sharing.


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