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EAT FRESH AND EXERCISE… and I will give you a couple of my personal tips!

Food source:

I have chosen to eat gluten, dairy, and soy free.  I made this choice 3 years ago and I feel it has improved my energy and mental focus. I have also resisted the temptation to eat fast food (McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, etc) for the last 5 years. Making that adjustment has been the anchor to my busy and active lifestyle. It keeps me healthy, sane, and able to perform to the best of my ability every single day in my home life and also my work life. I know a lot of the challenges in life with eating healthy can be related to time, but I promise once you are in the habit of planning ahead it will become second nature. There will always be times that life happens and you have to stop somewhere quick, but if you do your research beforehand you might be pleasantly surprised to see how many healthy spots exist and have excellent food in your home town. My family and I have grown to love fresh and organic ingredients. It’s amazing to taste and feel the difference in my mind and body. Don’t allow yourself to say healthy food taste bad, because 9 out of 10 times you probably haven’t tried the food. Go ahead and give it a try and realize the connection between your body and what we ingest can change your entire mindset to a day.

Physical fitness:

I feel so fortunate that my career involves an active lifestyle. Dancing is my number one workout and I find myself dancing at least 5 times a week. To keep my body guessing and to optimize my results, I also do cross-training and yoga every week as well. I believe for both women and men it’s important to get cardio, muscle lengthening/stretching and weight lifting in each week. Yes, it can seem overwhelming to try and fit all of these different workouts in one week, but in a week of 168 hours all you have to do is find 3 in total to start seeing results. In time you can always add more time as it becomes a healthy part of your life. It’s so important for you to find workouts that work for you and that you love! Workouts should be fun and something that gets you excited to do and be a part of. If you find it to hard to leave the house or your job to get to a class or gym, get active at home. When you get up in the mornings, you get dressed, brush your hair, brush your teeth and eat breakfast. Now imagine getting up just 15 minutes earlier and adding in a quick workout ritual to your day. It can be as simple as that!

I’ll start giving ideas of easy at home 15 min workouts, with everyday home products and or gym equipment! If you try this workout, please


A Happy Home


Maddox has now been in the world for four weeks, and having him in our home has been an absolute dream. My family has always had a very strong bond, but his energy has filled our home with a whole new dynamic. Our love has changed and grown even stronger than before.


There is no way to describe all that a mother feels for her child, but it is endless – unconditional and forever. You are so proud at any given moment about anything your kids do. They eat: you rejoice; they smile: you melt; they poop: and you praise. You’re watching the evolution of a person starting at the very beginning, and you feel so honored to witness every step they take.

To see my daughter Weslie show Maddox so much undivided attention and devotion has made me really proud. Weslie truly loves and cares for her brother, and they share such a unique bond. She has already changed a diaper by herself and helps hold him if he needs a bit of comfort. They stare into each other’s eyes like they already know they are gonna be such good friends.

My husband Stephen is just the sweetest dad. So attentive and caring. He wants to be hands-on through it all, which I love and appreciate so much. He helps tremendously through the night hours. We have agreed on shifts, but even when it’s not his shift he comes along to make sure I’m okay, even by simply rubbing my back while I feed Maddox. Stephen hasn’t really slept in the four weeks since Maddox has been home. Bless his heart. He just stares at our new son the whole night to make sure he’s okay. But Maddox is already sleeping in the night, 4 – 5 hours at a time. What a blessing.

Stephen has not only made sure that our baby is cared for, but he engages and gives personal time to both myself and Weslie. We have made a schedule for each week that slots date nights for us as a couple, and time for each of us with each of the kids individually. We think it’s so important that everyone feels they are getting the individual attention we all deserve. At times it might feel exhausting, but we feel it’s worth it.

We all feel so happy and grateful for our health and love. Maddox has reminded me of the importance of time at home, and has brought a sort of calmness to my madness. I have always been a person brimming over with energy. I’m constantly on the move, pushing forward and onward, which I believe to be a wonderful quality; but he has brought out a softer side and a contentment in me that helps to balance my emotions. I have a constant smile on my face and I am able to enjoy and live in each moment because of him. He has already brought so much joy into our home, and I am looking forward to a


Birth Story


My husband Stephen and I planned a BBQ for family and friends for Easter Sunday, March 27th, 2016, but the night before Easter I fell into active labor. Being as sweet as he is, my husband offered to take me to the hospital, but me, being as stubborn as I am, said “absolutely not.” We had a BBQ planned and we’d bought so much food! I had made decorative desserts like Rice Krispies treat eggs and bunny cupcakes, and Weslie wanted to have a lemonade stand; so the BBQ must go on!

The next day I was experiencing heavy contractions as our guests started to arrive. Minute-long contractions every 3-5 minutes! I was using my breathing techniques and squeezing the heck out of my husband’s legs, doing my best to stay calm while hosting our guests and allowing friends and family to laugh and share stories. Secretly I didn’t hear any of the conversations as I was REALLY going through it. Finally, the food was ready to eat, and we did just that. We ate, and then I stood up from the table (as much as I could. I was really just hunched over using the table to support my weight and help me through my contraction). I announced I needed to leave for the hospital, but I insisted that our guests should please stay and finish all the food they would like.

My adorable husband got our car packed (he double-checked, then triple-checked, then checked again…well, you get the idea) with the hospital bag and every extra “just in case item” we could think of. The car ride was silent. My husband was just trying to pace himself and I couldn’t stop smiling and looking at his gorgeous face. Looking at my husband keeps me calm and makes me feel safe.

As we arrived at the hospital the doctors checked to see how far into labor I was. As it turned out, I was dilated to a 5, but my baby was still sitting really high in my belly. The doctor said we needed our baby to be lower down for my water to break. I told my doctor “Our baby is very moved by music.” I looked to Stephen and said “Play JUNGLE BOOGIE” (Kool and the Gang). I hope you know that jam: “GET DOWN GET DOWN da da dadada” – and as we were singing and dancing to the song I could feel my baby moving down! He was really listening to the music and doing his work.

In the meantime we got my epidural. Stephen played some encouraging music; obviously Kendrick Lamar was our choice. This was the part I was the most nervous about, because when I had my daughter Weslie, the epidural needle got stuck in my back and it was really painful to have it removed. In fact, in my last labor the epidural was the only painful thing that happened. So my nerves were very high as they were putting the needle in, but Stephen


Prenatal Yoga Poses


During my pregnancy I found yoga to be a great tool. It became a huge strength to me mentally and physically especially towards the end. I believe it’s important to have a strong mind, body and soul not just during pregnancy but continuously thru everyday life. For advice on my yoga, I turned to my sister Jessica who is a trained yoga instructor and one of my biggest inspirations for a little guidance as prenatal yoga requires a little bit of different attention, and well the results have been wonderful. So I thought it would be so beneficial to share her tips with all of you. And a special thank you to you Jessica for making this experience even better.
From Jessica:
I am extremely passionate about yoga. I love how it makes me feel not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. I thrive on the awareness it brings to my life in all aspects on and off the mat. How it it teaches me to care properly for my body inside and out. Yoga helped me immensely through my first pregnancy, and continues to further my connection within now with my second. Yoga is a powerful instrument for transformation as we strive to understand our ever changing bodies. Consider it a gift that you give to yourself and to your unborn baby. Yoga can help with any stress you may-be having with pregnancy. As you stretch into poses, you will learn to relax naturally, and trust your intuitive voice that always knows best. Yoga ignites mind-body harmony, making it much easier to hear and listen to that voice. Your body will change, and you may experience pain and/or discomfort. By twisting and stretching properly, you will learn to surrender into places to release the tension you may be feeling.

I feel so much closer my unborn baby when practicing yoga. Escaping from the outside pressures of how you ‘should’ be feeling, and simply embracing the quiet place within you. BREATHE… Yoga is the best way to discover the breath that will aid you through your labor and birth. You can use breath and mindful meditation to stay calm, present and balanced through all stages pre, present and post pregnancy.

Many places offer prenatal classes, but if that is not available to you, I hope that this can help to assist you on your journey. We are powerful woman, taking part in the greatest gift to mankind. LIFE. With the right tools and support, we can embrace the beauty of pregnancy that can so often be forgotten. Pregnancy can be scary, but it can also be celebrated. These are devine and sacred moments of your life, and you get to choose how they are guided.

In order or out of order any of these postures will benefit you as you reach your 2nd to especially 3rd trimester. All pictured in Mumberry pregnancy activewear

Cat and Cow: for spinal flexibility and hip mobility. Can also be used in during labor to help ease through surges or contractions.



Hospital Grab Bag


Ready Set Go, I’ve got my hospital bag packed and prepped with all my essentials.  There are some necessary must haves and also some extra things to pass the time.  The day is almost here.  Wish me luck!

1. Swaddle Blankets ( Bebe Au Lait )

2. Binky ( WubbaNub )

3. Nursing scarf (Itsy Ritsy)

4. Dress (Isabella Oliver)

5. Lip Gloss (Burts Bees)

6. Diffuser and Essential Oils (Young Living) TAYLOR BROOKS

7. Baby outfit

8. Birthing ball and Cover

9. Journal

10. Stuffed animal (giraffe)

11. Heels (LULU)

12.  Polaroid camera

The time is almost here, I will keep you guys posted on how everything goes.  Talk soon.

Allison Holker


Power Of Woman

unnamed (3)

As woman we have the most miraculous gift, to create life. We bring beauty, light and a nurturing love to this world. It is our bodies that shift and change to defy all odds and grace the world with a new life. With these changes that our beautiful body endures we sometimes find doubt, worry and fear. But we must own our experience and take pride in our journey, and help other women to do the same thing. Embrace the weight gain, endure the unknown and allow the shape change for we are all beautiful! Our minds are smart and develop a natural understanding which grows a special connection and bond between you and your child. Our bodies of all shapes and sizes are glorious, and empower who we are. All woman in her pregnancy hold a special glow, so allow it to shine forth for everyone to see and let it shine on for as long as you like. But then there are times we will question ourselves in not knowing if we have the strength or knowledge to do what is required but we need to trust in our most natural being that we can do this! We can, we will and we do! And we must support each other, as women we sometimes feel judged or questioned, why not love and trust? Lend out at a hand, send a smile in support and remind another woman of her inner strength and beauty. For we bare the next generation. We have infinite strength that only we can and will understand.

The power lives in each of us woman. For we are strong and we are the future.
“We bare the next generation”
Allison Holker Boss






Black Roslinton Maternity Jumpsuit


I MUST START BY SAYING how excited I am to be starting this lifestyle blog. It’s been something I have wanted to do for a while and now feels like the perfect time to begin. As I’m pregnant and everything is different, new and very exciting.

With there being this huge change in my life I want to write about what I learn and discover in myself and with my family and to share it all with you is just something i will always remember.

I have to say that I LOVE BEING PREGNANT! Of course every woman’s situation is different and there are days that are harder than others. Days, I don’t even feel like getting out of bed, all I want to do is watch Netflix, eat chocolate, and sip a ginger ale. But then there are days that I feel completely energized, ready to take on the world and more at one with myself then ever before. Pregnancy brings weight gain, questions, insecurities and vulnerability but when you tackle these straight on, think of how much you can learn about yourself and improve on your own being and worth. I have come to understand who I am what I want and believe in more than ever before. I feel like I am the best version of myself. I’m no longer living a life just trying to step up a ladder and impress I’m trying to be the best me I could ever be. Because my life is in charge of another, my life now belongs to those I love and care for. I must be an example of everything they will know and come to understand. So I must first learn who I am. I have asked myself what 3 things I would want my children to say and remember of me? I would want them to say, I shared LOVE ABOVE ALL, a BELIEVER IN ALL DREAMS, and a DEDICATION TO HARD WORK. And in that I must lead by example every day, loving in all I meet, believing and creating my dreams, and working hard every day to make myself the best I can be.

So every week I will be sharing our family experiences, things we love, fashion, or things i have learned and hope you enjoy following this journey.

Sending love,

Allison Holker Boss

OUTFIT: ISABELLA OLIVER Black Roslinton Maternity Jumpsuit


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