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Merry Christmas from our family to yours! Our family loves the holidays so much, from the decorating, baking, game nights and well, Santa photos! This year we went with the theme “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas”. We absolutely adore this movie. This year in particular was fun because Maddox really loved this film. Maddox is a ball of energy. He is constantly running, jumping, dancing, talking, singing, and doing it all and well to keep us very busy parents. We are always chasing him and he does it with a smile on his face. Well, one morning when I was chasing my little guy around the house I grabbed the remote to our TV and put on “HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS” and at first he payed no attention, he continued to run and play until little Cindy Lou Who sang ‘WHERE ARE YOU CHRISTMAS’ And suddenly Maddox was taken. He stopped everything he was doing, sat in his special chair and watched the rest of the movie as he sat quiet and content. He was mesmerized by it and it’s the first thing that’s literally stopped him in his tracks. I have now played the movie for him everyday for two weeks and he is captivated every time. It’s the only time of the day he slows down. HE LOVES IT. So we had the perfect plan: we were going to bring THE GRINCH AND WHOVILLE TO LIFE And it was worth it!

We hired a professional makeup and hair team to come in and transform our family into the Grinch, Martha May and Cindy Lou who. What a fun way to bring the screen to our home. Weslie loved getting her makeup done and Maddox was so excited to watch the process. We would have loved transforming Maddox into baby Grinch but there is a rule: no baby prosthetics. So maybe in a couple of years. It took 3.5 hours to get us all done and made up. We were amazed with Maddox’s reaction to all the makeup. He actually loved it. He was never scared or worried because he knew it was us under all the prosthetics, make up and costuming. And once that was finished we hit the road. We got photos with Santa, danced outside of our local Starbucks, and went looking at Christmas lights and Christmas trees all dressed up. The turn out was amazing! People even thought we working for the local stores. Kids were stopping to look at us and wanting to say hello. Even adults wanted to take photos with our family. We of course said yes and happily took the photos. It was a way to bring joy to our family and now other families.

It was fun to do something special for our kids that they will remember it forever. Seeing my daughter Weslie all dressed up as Cindy Lou Who was incredible. She lit up the room and was the best Cindy Lou Who I’ve ever seen. And tWitch the Grinch, well there couldn’t be a better combination. I was smitten!

As parents we want to have fun and remind our kids that that’s what life is about FUN. Enjoy yourself, spread love and make memories.


Allison Holker Boss aka
Martha May


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