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All of my favorite things coming together. I love traveling, I love work and I love Toronto, Canada. I was able to travel to Toronto for work, and I made sure to make a lot of time for exploration. I luckily didn’t travel alone my husband Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss and I were booked as a team on the same film project. And well there’s nothing better than mixing work and fun with your best friend. We stayed at the beautiful Four seasons hotel right in Yorkville. Which placed us just in walking distance of cute coffee shops, wonderful restaurants and shopping.

On our first night out exploring with my husband we wondered into an escape room experience. It was our first time playing one of these games and we had a blast. It was suppose to take an hour but of course we were convinced we could do it faster well two hours later we finally completed the mission. Needless to say we highly underestimated the challenge and over estimated our brains haha, but we worked together and had a fantastic experience. This was one of the best date night activities we have ever done, I highly suggest it. We then found ourselves just walking for hours looking at all the beautiful buildings, museums, and we always enjoy a nice sit at a park. Every time I’m here I meet the nicest people, see beautiful things and learn so much! It’s a place that has wonderful energy.

We ate at STK steakhouse , KASA MOTO sushi, for Mexican food the Playa- Cabana Hacienda, and the cute healthy restaurant Sandwich Box. All great restaurants I highly recommend. Whenever we are in Toronto we always have to pay a visit to Yonde-Dundee Square, which is like a mini Times Square. It’s a great place full of people on there hustle and bustle and street performers. We love supporting street performers and there craft. Lastly make sure you visit the beautiful Art Museum at the University of Toronto. Perfection. Enjoy your trip I know we did. Also make sure you are on the look out for the feature film ‘A Simple Favor’ To be released in 2018, which we had the pleasure of choreographing. Thanks and enjoy.


Jacket: @dayabyzendaya
Shoes: @publicdesire
Hat: @goorinbros


Jacket: @frankie.us
Jumpsuit: @latiste
Shoes: @publicdesire Purse: @henrybendel


Jacket: @civilregime
Shirt: @levis
Pants: @1denim
Hat: @goorinbros
Shoes: @publicdesire


Allison Holker Boss

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I have been a fan of yours since you were in the top 10 on so you think you can dance. I’m from Toronto and love it here too wish I had known when you were here I would’ve had my eyes open looking for you and twitch. I actually have a picture of myself with twitch from one of the shows when they were touring and it would’ve been lovely to have one with you. Next time in Toronto you should try to walk through West Queen West area it’s very cool and trendy I think you’d like it there too. Toronto is such a wonderful diverse city and everybody is welcome. I’m so excited that you love our city and hope that you will return, you know we have some pretty good dancers here too. I follow you on Instagram and love all your family pictures and like to keep updated on how well you’re doing and how much you and Twitch are in love it’s evident in your pictures. Does Twitch also like Toronto? I’m going to see Shaping Sound in Feb when they tour in a close by suburb to Toronto. I hope you will be coming here to dance one day. I would love to see you perform live.


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