Family vacation : NYC

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Family vacation : NYC




    I absolutely adore NYC, it is one of my favorite cities to visit. There is a special energy that it brings out of me. I always feel inspired, confident and well have bonds of energy. As a family we decided to take a family vacation here, and it was such a great idea.

    We had an incredible experience and did just about everything we could think of, a day at Central Park, ate at lavish restaurants, visited the freedom memorial, Empire State Building, went boating, shopping, visited the Marvel headquarters, we went and saw broadway shows THE LION KING and HELLO DOLLY and well of course Time Square. It was a trip that really brought so many incredible memories.

I also loved being able to explore some fun fashionable looks in the city, everyday brought out a new side of me.

Central Park:
floral flowy two piece. I wanted to be comfortable and fashionable.

IMG_3348 IMG_3360 IMG_3377 IMG_3378 IMG_3401 IMG_3418 IMG_3468

Broadway show:
Onzie and pencil skirt. Classy and sheek.

Outfit: @houseofcb
Shoes: publicdesire

IMG_3491 IMG_3496 IMG_3514

Tourist moments  (Empire State building):
Blouse, beaded skirt and silk trench. Fun and functional, make a statement.

Skirt: @allsaints
Trench: @houseofcb
Hat: @goorinbros
Shoes: @publicdesire

IMG_3583 IMG_3681

Out & about exploring


trench: @houseofcb



glasses: @rayban

shoes: @publicdesire

IMG_3782 IMG_3802

New York City Public Library

Jeans: @truereligion
Hat: @goorinbros
Shoes: @tommyhilfiger

IMG_3814 IMG_3845 IMG_3867

Times Square:
Patched boyfriend jean, simple top black shawl and a statement hat.

Jeans: @truereligion
Hat: @goorinbros
Shoes: @publicdesire



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