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Raising a family has been the most rewarding aspect of my life. We share in laughter, cries, and moments that will be remembered forever. I am so proud of my families every accomplish big and small. From my daughter Weslie becoming student council treasurer, Maddox learning to climb the stairs, Stephen learning to put the lid on the toothpaste after he brushes his teeth (now this was a challenge but happy we got it figured out 😜😂). To then of course working as husband and wife and creating a clothing line, working on different parenting skills, and continuing to be the best versions of our personal self which takes work and attention every day. But whatever it is our family finds that our endless support for one another is what truly is making our dreams become reality.

But it’s not all merry all day every day, we to face challenges that we are sometimes unsure how to handle. The biggest being TIME. There never seems to be enough of it in a day. And I believe any parent knows this. I wake up in my days sometimes feeling like I’m just playing catch up, feed my baby, get Weslie to school, finish the emails, write this very blog, meeting #1, workout, walk the dogs, dishes, late to meeting #2, order for the new order for our clothing line, call about the fabrics, how many do we order? Where do we ship them, when will they arrive? groceries, did I leave the keys in the car?, change the diaper, prep for my weekend teaching gig, pack for your teaching trip, get flight schedule , shower (haha maybe) , pay the bills, tax season ahhh the worst, reschedule the event that was already rescheduled 3 times because our lives have become crazy town, pick up Weslie from school, don’t forget Maddox in the car, put him in the stroller, put him back in the car, stop thru Starbucks drive thru even though it s 5 pm, get ready for the photoshoot, prep video shoot that’s tomorrow oh my gosh that’s tomorrow!, clean the house for the shoot, teach class on our online dance studio, feed you kids, prep dinner, make dinner, eat for the first time today, dishes again, Weslie homework, reading log, Weslie bed time, Maddox pooped, take that trash out, do the laundry cause he had a blow out and oh my goodness it’s like a Monet of poop on the walls, get his last bottle ready, bed time story he’s alseep, oh right and now I remember I have a husband so say hello and ask him how his day was, go over tomorrow’s schedule, remember that we are not just business partners and we should do something together that’s fun and cute so we put on Netflix, to then never see the show because it’s already 10:30 and we fell asleep. Now onto the next day.

So needless to say its a balancing act for all of us. There will never feel like there is enough TIME in a day, to accomplish all the things we want to do while still being able to give as much attention to each of our kids individually, my husband and especially ourselves that we want. But the best thing we can do is remind ourselves that we are trying , we are doing our best. And don’t be afraid to lean on those you love for support and also be patient with those you love and be that shoulder they need. The patience thing well I’m working on it myself. But I promise I’ll try my best.

We are a generation filled with tasks and business but remember to live in the moments and just enjoy life.

Allison Holker Boss



Shoes: @timberland

styled by: @styledbylisa

shot by @sldeandirector



Katie Greene

You are an inspiration! Keep up the good work. You are living the dream:))


Francine Schnabel

I have watched you for years. I am a mom of twins, almost 21 year olds, and I just find you to be a beautiful soul. Obviously I don’t know you but I feel through watching you dance, hearing your words and reading your feelings, you are very special. Not to mention you are truly gorgeous. I just wanted to reach out… you are in my prayers and thoughts and you seem like a warm friend. I am happy for yours and your husband’s success who I have also watched for years! You are both tremendously talented! Thank you for leaving a footprint on my heart and being a role model for my children! Sincerely Francine <3



You’re such a strong woman and I thank God for you and your family… I admire your family and I pray I have one just like yours.


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