Learning the Balance


Learning the Balance


My family is my everything and being a wife and mother brings me so much joy, but it can also be challenging to try and do it all. I love being home with my family but I also really adore my work, and for any and every working mother you know how hard it can be to balance the scales.


We as woman are so hard ourselves. We are constantly trying to be the perfect wife, the perfect mother, and/or the perfect provider. We either feel as though we are doing a great job at work, but missed out on time with our family, OR took the day to entertain our family, but then maybe didn’t complete our work. All the while still trying to remember the amazing husbands in our life and making them feel loved and then putting ourselves last on the list. Probably 9 times out of 10 not ever giving ourselves the attention we need to care for ourselves.


Why do we put ourselves last? Aren’t we important in the big picture of our families and life? We put everyone before us and usually that means you never get time to work on our own personal goals, take a day to pamper you or just let loose and have fun.  But this is so important! We need to enjoy our lives in order to bring joy into our families and work place. I’m a firm believer in taking care of those around myself but also caring for myself. Making sure I get moments to do the things I love and continuing to work on my own personal growth. I’m not just helping my loved ones grow as people, but I’m improving and learning. This way I am inspired and in turn inspiring those around me. And now with taking time for ourselves we have to remind ourselves all we can do is do our best and enjoy it while we have it. Taking time for yourself isn’t going to feel easy right away and we are always going to wish for more time to do it all, but really what’s important is remembering we are doing a great job and you are just as important in the family as you put everyone else. Take time to learn and grow who you are and spoil yourself sometimes. In order to bring joy you must feel joy.  We are woman and we are the future. Treat yourself like a queen that you are.




I love your message and I’m one of those juggling moms and single lol so I get it. I own my own business (www.southwesteventdesign.com) and I write my own blog (www.loverbugsmommy.com) plus I have a beautiful 9 yr old baby girl! Trying to juggle is all and balance is hard and I agree you have to take care of yourself as well. ☺ Thank you for being an inspiring woman and dancer


Mom of 3

“to bring joy you must feel joy”…love that line, it’s so true! The great Ms. Oprah said years ago not to wait for a special occasion to light your candles and use your “good” plates….you deserve to do that for yourself everyday! As moms, when there is no time for anything else, we can always light ourselves a candle and take a moment to enjoy it and fill ourselves up, so that we can keep giving our all! Great post!


Nancy Dee

I needed to hear this today Allison! As a mom of three adult children and on a busy day in my life, I only had a leftover Halloween candy bar for lunch… With so much to get done, I cut every corner on myself. I work in the dance business in an admin capacity but am surrounded by dancers and understand the demands of your world. The best we can do is encourage each other every chance we get, try to forgive ourselves for what is not finished, and do for others what you just did for me in this blog post!


Sarah Bashaw

I just love how positive you are and how you transmit that to those around you! I have loved seeing you since so you think you can dance days to where you are now and it’s pretty awesome to witness you fulfilling your dreams!


Julia Corbin

I needed to hear this. I struggle every day with work x2, life, family, working out, eating correctly, aging parents, my own growing older. Thank you for sharing. Does anyone have a magic answer or solution? =) probably not, but knowing we are in it together certainly helps.


Tiffany Garland

I grew up dancing and then developed Fibromyalgia at age 19. At this time my chronic pain stole my dancing from me. This year, at age 39 I took my dancing back. Through dancing again I lost 75 lbs and have rediscovered my joy in life, as well as becoming much healthier and coming close to reversing the disease. You and your husband, with your respective tv shows and movies have been a huge inspiration for me. I’m overjoyed to be able to thank you for that inspiration. The two of you have reminded me that dance is life and I’m so very grateful to you both.


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