Live a Fit & Healthy Lifestyle


Live a Fit & Healthy Lifestyle


EAT FRESH AND EXERCISE… and I will give you a couple of my personal tips!

Food source:

I have chosen to eat gluten, dairy, and soy free.  I made this choice 3 years ago and I feel it has improved my energy and mental focus. I have also resisted the temptation to eat fast food (McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, etc) for the last 5 years. Making that adjustment has been the anchor to my busy and active lifestyle. It keeps me healthy, sane, and able to perform to the best of my ability every single day in my home life and also my work life. I know a lot of the challenges in life with eating healthy can be related to time, but I promise once you are in the habit of planning ahead it will become second nature. There will always be times that life happens and you have to stop somewhere quick, but if you do your research beforehand you might be pleasantly surprised to see how many healthy spots exist and have excellent food in your home town. My family and I have grown to love fresh and organic ingredients. It’s amazing to taste and feel the difference in my mind and body. Don’t allow yourself to say healthy food taste bad, because 9 out of 10 times you probably haven’t tried the food. Go ahead and give it a try and realize the connection between your body and what we ingest can change your entire mindset to a day.

Physical fitness:

I feel so fortunate that my career involves an active lifestyle. Dancing is my number one workout and I find myself dancing at least 5 times a week. To keep my body guessing and to optimize my results, I also do cross-training and yoga every week as well. I believe for both women and men it’s important to get cardio, muscle lengthening/stretching and weight lifting in each week. Yes, it can seem overwhelming to try and fit all of these different workouts in one week, but in a week of 168 hours all you have to do is find 3 in total to start seeing results. In time you can always add more time as it becomes a healthy part of your life. It’s so important for you to find workouts that work for you and that you love! Workouts should be fun and something that gets you excited to do and be a part of. If you find it to hard to leave the house or your job to get to a class or gym, get active at home. When you get up in the mornings, you get dressed, brush your hair, brush your teeth and eat breakfast. Now imagine getting up just 15 minutes earlier and adding in a quick workout ritual to your day. It can be as simple as that!

I’ll start giving ideas of easy at home 15 min workouts, with everyday home products and or gym equipment! If you try this workout, please let me know by tagging me and using #allisonholkerfit

3 rounds of:

100 jumping jacks

50 sit ups

20 push-ups

1 min Quick running in place

1 min plank hold (push-up position, engage in your core)

Break it up to how ever you need, but push yourself to get to a place were it becomes consistent rounds, remember fitness is fun so put on some good music and make sure to drink plenty of water and like always, please see your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

Enjoy this workout!!!




I have bad knees. Jumping jacks hurt after a while.



As someone who has struggled with post-baby bod (even if I only gained 17 pounds during pregnancy) and also a thyroid condition, I found it so difficult to shed weight and once I started eating better and cutting out a lot of things that were detrimental…it became much easier, and then I started to incorporate workouts. Cardio two days a week, Boot Camp two days a week, and yoga at least once a week. As a mom, seven day workouts are so unrealistic but your tips are going to be so helpful, and I’m going to try your workouts above on a day where Boot Camp isn’t possible.



Our babies were born a day apart and have been seeing how much you’ve progressed, it’s so inspiring. I am far from my goal but still working hard to reach there. It’s always nice to hear and see other mom’s tips. You’re an inspiration.


Adriana Fleury

I am so happy that you created this Blog. Your advice is exactly what I need in my life at this very moment. I was very active up until a couple years ago. Circumstances changed my living situation and with stressing over finances, I put on some pounds. I turned 40 in July and never thought the body I now have would be what I would see this milestone birthday in. Fast forward to today, I want bonafide results in my fitness journey. So I’ll be visit your site frequently.


Jazzmine Odom

I will try your workout ideas!!! Now I will just have to find the time yo do all of them !! They are all worth a try. If it gets me a body like yours, I’m all for these helpful tips!!! Thank you Allison!!!❤


Kristie L. Michaud

I have been watching you and Twitch since you were both starting on SYTYCD and each time you were both all stars! Then you went to DWTS and I couldn’t get enough of your dancing!!! You are both amazing and I think it’s fantastic that you have found each other and have a beautiful love story. Best wishes for many happy years together and enjoy your wonderful family❤️


Maryanne Yu

Thank you…..I’ve been in a rut since I gave birth to my Jeremiah back in November last year. Reading this has really inspired me. I’ve been getting unhealthier and unhealthier and I’m actually starting to physically and mentally feel it. Thank you a thousand times. Love to you and your gorgeous family!!!!!



Can’t believe you abs!! You should have an exercise DVD



Allison, Thank you Soo much #allisonholkerfit for the Fitness tips! It helps to know what works from someone who shows the dedication and beautiful spirit you share. Thank You for inspiring me!
Keep the products and workout suggestions coming. To making the world strong and beautiful!


Olivia Saunders

I find it hard to get into fitness as I see my self as chubby and feel self conscious exercising but this seems like something I can do and I’m only 15 so I don’t need something insane but just enough so I will give this a try THANK YOU


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