Prenatal Yoga Poses


Prenatal Yoga Poses


During my pregnancy I found yoga to be a great tool. It became a huge strength to me mentally and physically especially towards the end. I believe it’s important to have a strong mind, body and soul not just during pregnancy but continuously thru everyday life. For advice on my yoga, I turned to my sister Jessica who is a trained yoga instructor and one of my biggest inspirations for a little guidance as prenatal yoga requires a little bit of different attention, and well the results have been wonderful. So I thought it would be so beneficial to share her tips with all of you. And a special thank you to you Jessica for making this experience even better.

From Jessica:

I am extremely passionate about yoga. I love how it makes me feel not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. I thrive on the awareness it brings to my life in all aspects on and off the mat. How it it teaches me to care properly for my body inside and out. Yoga helped me immensely through my first pregnancy, and continues to further my connection within now with my second. Yoga is a powerful instrument for transformation as we strive to understand our ever changing bodies. Consider it a gift that you give to yourself and to your unborn baby. Yoga can help with any stress you may-be having with pregnancy. As you stretch into poses, you will learn to relax naturally, and trust your intuitive voice that always knows best. Yoga ignites mind-body harmony, making it much easier to hear and listen to that voice. Your body will change, and you may experience pain and/or discomfort. By twisting and stretching properly, you will learn to surrender into places to release the tension you may be feeling.

I feel so much closer my unborn baby when practicing yoga. Escaping from the outside pressures of how you ‘should’ be feeling, and simply embracing the quiet place within you. BREATHE… Yoga is the best way to discover the breath that will aid you through your labor and birth. You can use breath and mindful meditation to stay calm, present and balanced through all stages pre, present and post pregnancy.

Many places offer prenatal classes, but if that is not available to you, I hope that this can help to assist you on your journey. We are powerful woman, taking part in the greatest gift to mankind. LIFE. With the right tools and support, we can embrace the beauty of pregnancy that can so often be forgotten. Pregnancy can be scary, but it can also be celebrated. These are devine and sacred moments of your life, and you get to choose how they are guided.

In order or out of order any of these postures will benefit you as you reach your 2nd to especially 3rd trimester. All pictured in Mumberry pregnancy activewear

Cat and Cow: for spinal flexibility and hip mobility. Can also be used in during labor to help ease through surges or contractions.


Warrior 2 to side angle flow: for hip support, strength and flexibility. Great for circulation and to feel graceful in our growing bodies

image5 image6

Yoga Squat: to release lower back tension and widen the pelvis. My personal favorite posture! An absolute perfect posture for birthing. (May also sit on pillow or block)


Puppy dog: need I say anything ? I could hang out here all day… Great to rest between any posture work


Bridge / pelvic tilts: also great for spinal flexibility when lifting hips up and down from your mat. Massages inner organs.


Supported shoulder inversion: I love to be upside down. But balance can be scary the closer we get to our due date. So here we get all the same benefits. Circulation, brain stimulation , confidence, and can even help with insomnia.


Assisted twist: twisting can be really difficult and generally not suggested. So here is a very gentle approach that will help to mobilize the upper spine without hurting the belly 🙂

image11 image13

Supported butterfly: all the joy of savasana (corpse posture, flat on your back) without being flat on your back. Breathe, meditate, rest… Congratulate yourself for the blessings you have within, and the loving care you just have to yourself and your lil one!

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About Jessica –

Jessica is a wife and mother of a vivacious 2 year old boy and of another on his way. Jessica danced her whole life with artists and shows worldwide, such as Celine Dion, Cirque du Soliel, Dragone, Radio City Rockettes, Tokyo Disney, and numerous other renowned directors and choreographers. She found yoga as a means of injury prevention, but it quickly became so much more. Quickly deciding she wanted to teach and share what she had discovered, she certified in 200 hr YA Ashtanga Vinyasa, 50 hr YA Chakra Vinyasa/energy healing, and another 200 hr YA Schole Hot yoga flow. She cherishes her time spent on the road, and is happy to be based in Utah sharing her love for dance and yoga. She is available to answer any questions and concerns email and IG @dancingdivayoga. Namaste



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